Healthy Eating 

For The Heart

Healthy eating for the heart is one of the best way to feed the body.  Consumption of foods from all the food groups will provide essential nourishment, a necessity for a life of endurance.  This is a safe and sound way to consume foods.

Eating from all the food groups is a positive start.  Foods should be taken from the food pyramid in the right proportion, and also in a variety of colors.

A heart healthy diet is an assured way for the prevention of heart disease.  Such eating may also ward off other health risks.  Studies have shown that the damage done to arteries can cause heart failure, but we can change that!  If we eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily, it may help prevent heart disease!  That is how we start healthy eating for the heart!

We can reduce the risk of developing heart disease by 10% with a healthful diet and lifestyle.

 Which foods are best for healthy eating?

 The recommendation for hearty eating is mainly fruits and vegetables!  These foods form the base for a heart healthy diet.  If we include these foods in the diet, the healthier the heart will function.

Yes, folks, that is the number one recommendation!  The results from studies done are stunning.  They have proven that healthy diets may lead to longevity.  What are some sound benefits of fruits and vegetables?

A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will keep heart attacks at bay!  WOW!  This is reason enough to add these foods to one's diet.  The food pyramid indicates that most of one's food should come from this group.

Let us get going!  How about putting "5-A-Day" in practice?  This is important for a wholesome lifestyle.

Let us eat up fresh fruits and vegetables regularly.  They add a substantial amount of fiber to the diet.  Fiber helps to remove toxic waste from the body!

Fruits and vegetables are a stock pile with healthy doses of anti-oxidants.  Anti-oxidants form part of a heart healthy diet!  They help to improve heart muscles.  They reduce any damage to the cells.

Fresh fruits prevent the build up of cholesterol, fat and other stuff in the anatomy.  This accumulation is bad for us.  It thickens the walls of arteries.  It makes them get hard.  The arteries lose elasticity .

Fresh Fruits

Prevent build up of cholesterol

Removes toxic waste

 How can we use the food pyramid as a guide for healthy eating?

One needs to look carefully at the recommendations.  It is clear that we need to add more fruits and vegetables in the diet.  This, no doubt, lessens the risk to develop this killer illness - coronary heart disease.

We increase the flow of blood when we consume these foods.  Blood tissues improve with greater circulation.  We lower the risk of getting a blood clot.

Vegetables are low in saturated fats and sodium.  They are excellent foods to keep away heart disease . We can choose from several kinds.  If this one does not taste good, another might.  We can just try them out.

Nuts and seeds make healthy eating for the heart.

 Power of Walnuts - I eat walnuts regularly!  They are delicious!  I toss them in my cereal every morning! These nuts are tasty.  They are rich in B vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids.  These substances can ward off heart disease.

Seventh Day Adventists are passionate about a healthy lifestyle.  Many are active vegetarians.  Researchers did a study on the healthy eating habits of some of them.  Results indicate that they have a lower risk of getting a heart attack, when compared to non-Adventists.

Some people included walnuts in their diet at least five times per week.  What was the healthy result? Those People lowered their risk of a heart attack even more!

Macadamia nuts are also healthy eating food.  They are heart friendly.  They are good sources of calcium, vitamins B1 and B2, iron, and phosphorous.  Macadamia nuts provide some antioxidants.  These nuts may help to prevent hardening of the arteries.

Macadamia nuts contain a heart friendly oil.  This oil can help with the improvement of blood circulation through the arteries.  It may even help to reduce cholesterol.

 Why are sunflower seeds healthy?

Rich Sunflower Seeds

Healing power for the heart

Reduce excess cholesterol

Prevent artery damage

Sunflower seeds are rich.  They are a powerhouse for vitamin E, and they digest easily if chewed well. Sunflower seeds are low in saturated fats.  They are rich in lecithin, iron, and magnesium.  They contain phosphorous, calcium, vitamins E, and B1.

What are the health benefits of sunflower seeds?  When eaten, these seeds widen blood vessels.  They help to prevent the formation of blood clots.  Sunflower seeds provide healing power for the heart if eaten regularly.  They help to combat heart disease.

They contain good acids called essential fatty acids.  These acids can help to reduce excess cholesterol. This will prevent damage to arteries.

Overall, these essential fatty acids may reduce the development of cardiovascular disease.

Sunflower seeds are healthier unsalted.  Too much salt can cause damage to the walls of arteries.

The oil from sunflower seeds has similar health benefits.

Are legumes healthy eating foods?

 Legumes are ideal for healthy eating and are excellent for a heart healthy diet.  They are so good for us!  Do we need to include these foods in the diet regularly?  Yes, legumes are some of the choicest foods.

Why are legumes healthy eating foods?  We eat them to prevent heart attacks!

These foods include peas, beans and peanuts.

Legumes are desirable sources of protein, iron, and B vitamins.  We can make much of them with other proteins.  Legumes can replace meat.

Legumes are low in saturated fats and sodium.  They are rich in carbohydrates.  Legumes are excellent for healthy arteries.  They provide many anti-oxidants.  These substances help to protect the arteries.

Is grape juice healthy for the heart?

100% Grape juice is also an excellent drink, forming part of a heart healthy diet!  Here are a few health effects!

Grape juice slows the hardening of cholesterol on the arteries.

It helps to prevent blood clots and allows blood to flow more freely.

It helps to keep the arteries clear from blockage.

These effects on the heart and the circulatory system are medicinal.

The food pyramid is an excellent guide one may use to support any decision for healthy eating.

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