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The food guide or healthy eating pyramid is one of the core elements for you to maintain a happy lifestyle. Did you know there are options you have to use different foods?  This section will give you some simple insights and understanding of the value of eating the five food groups.

food group pyramid

During the school years, you are taught the basic five food groups. In our fast paced society today, few people have the time to follow the different groups. Many people today are lacking essential vitamins, overall good nutrition. Your first step is to understand what foods are right for your own chemical make up. Some people have food allergies, and need to substitue certain foods. The Healthy Diet Therapy will show you the options for you to not only feel good, but for you to enjoy every meal.

If you are serious about maintaining a good plan, a food calorie chart is in store for you. Awareness of calories is an important step in knowing which foods provide too many calories. The chart also allows you to plan balanced meals everyday. Did you know there is a new food pyramid out? Learn the up to date nutritional facts from the experts. One option you have is to gain knowledge of the different types of pyramids available today. Here are a few.

fruits and vegetables



  • Asian Diet
  • Mediterranean Healthy Foods
  • Vegetarian
The Asian diet of today varies from the United States recommendations. Neither one is wrong. Your ultimate goal is to find what foods are healthy, and what you enjoy. The main emphasis in Asia is plant base foods, and a lower consumption of meats. This section will go into details for you to have a better understanding of each option you have.

Mediterranean is similar to the Asian pyramid, with high value put on plant based foods, especially teas. A core part of the Mediterranean food guide is a decrease in the amount of milk, dairy products and lower amount of meats each week. Like the Asian food guide, daily consumptions of grains, seeds, vegetables, and fruits are important.

olive oil

Vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and beans are the main foods of the vegetarian diet. Oils are also important to people that don't eat meat.

Read through these food guide pyramid pages, understand the value of each food group, and plan now for you and your family to start eating a healthy diet. Live longer and be happier.

Learn the facts about foods and how they affect your health. Food nutrition is critical for you to live a happy and healthy life style!

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