How I Started Healthy Diet Therapy

Healthy Diet Therapy began when a Caribbean girl ….. from the island of Jamaica decided to emulate her parents eating practices.  That girl's name is V or Vee. 

That's the pet name my parents called me.  At birth I was called Carol Jean by my father.  My parents loved that name.  They told me that as a child, I would not grow as well as I should . 

This caused great concern and my grandmother thought that it was because of my name.  She suggested that I should be named after her ........ Violet.  So I was called V.  Amazingly, once I was called that name …….. I started growing.  

I have grown up and have become an educator.  I have helped to mould young minds to make positive contributions to society and to become life long learners.  That's right!  I am a teacher.  I have taught in both Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.  I am a life long learner as well.  The fact that I have created this website is a testimony.

Welcome to  I am glad you found this website, your perfect guide to healthy eating for the body organs.

This website is created out of the love for a healthy diet lifestyle.  It is done with a passion to see improvement in how foods are prepared and consumed and with longevity in mind.

Vee ......... Carol brings to you .............

O A healthy food guide

O Knowledge of food nutrition

O Importance of a balanced diet

O Importance of portion sizes

O Healthy diet tips and plan

O Cooking tips and the best methods

O Heart healthy foods and healthy eating for the heart

O Healthy food choices

O Eating healthy for the liver

O Healthy Recipes

O And more ……………………….

The Healthy Diet Do's

O "Drink your carrot juice …… it is good for your eyesight."

O "Drink your sour sop juice …… it is good for your nerves."

O "Eat your beets …… it is good to help clean your system."

O "Drink that coconut water …… it will refresh your body."

O "Eat your citrus fruits …… your immune system will get strong, and you will not get a cold."

Sounds familiar?  Yes, these were the healthy diet do's I heard as a child.

I rarely got a cold as a child.  Going to the doctor was a "no no,"  only in case of serious accidents, which were rare!  I was told that making healthy food choices are important for protection against certain sicknesses and diseases.  

I became more conscious of this as I helped to prepare meals at home.  I didn't realize the powerful health benefits though ...... until when I started to reminisce on how I used to .....

..... help prepare cocoa beans in preparation for that delicious dark chocolate drink.

..... grate cassava to make the healthy tapioca flour for those "sumptuous" dumplings and "bammy."

..... grate the coconuts to make coconut oil, and a "lip smacking" custard.  For sure, I would drink that refreshing coconut water first.

Healthy Diet Transformation Grows

After seeing the many health benefits, I became passionate about articles on healthy living.  I would buy every magazine and book about healthy lifestyles.  I would listen to every health program on the radio.  I would watch every television program that has to do with health.  I would watch family members and friends prepare healthy diet dishes, and then do the same.

I would then share this knowledge with others.  Several years ago, when I bought my first juice extractor, I invited two friends to come and enjoy some delicious juice with me.  I remember just how fascinated they were about the juice.  Soon after that, they bought juice extractors and spread the word to their friends and relatives.

Many people have asked me about my healthy lifestyle practices.  Some expressed their desire to prepare foods like I do. 

Some time ago, a family member spent a few months with me.  She was delighted about my juicing, my menus and how I prepared meals.  Her life was transformed in my kitchen.  She took notes on the cooking methods and the healthy diet recipes.  She then shared these with her immediate and extended family members.  

Research Deepens

As I observed how sharing healthy diet information can transform lives, I got deeper into my research.  I started planning on how to share this knowledge with people on a wider basis.  I thought about how things would be different for so many people if they knew how to eat the right foods for good health.  

I thought about creating a website.  I have always wanted to do this for many years now.  I must say that I have made three attempts to do so, but they never got off the ground well.  

Why Procrastinate?

Six years ago, that's right ….. six years, I did some extensive research on how to build a successful website.  I came across by Lisa Irby.  The information was enlightening, and as she referred to SBI, I thought, "Hmm ….. how interesting."  

I procrastinated year after year even though I would visit these websites and read the information.  I kept thinking, "That's not for me."  Yet I kept those two websites under my favorites up until today.

No More Delays......... Making The Right Choice

One year ago however, I decided that I would stop procrastinating and try SBI. 

Am I happy I did it?  Yes, I am very satisfied.  I cannot ask for a better way to build a website.  

You see, I have tried three different companies before, because they were cheaper. 

Did I get hands on help like SBI?  No!  Did I have access to so many resources to help me succeed?  No!  I am so grateful that through SBI, I have become so knowledgeable about building a website.

Are you wondering about what website to create?  SBI will help you find your niche.  They provide you with several ideas from which you may come up with a niche in no time.  

Are you thinking that you might not get traffic to your website?  No need to worry, SBI has that covered for you.  They teach you how to do it. 

Are you afraid that you might not make back your money?  You will be surprised!  They teach you all the know how's.

Need to know about SBI?  Start your tour here.

Hope you enjoyed your visit, and that it was satisfying.  I would like you to come back often for more healthy diet inspiration as I add new information to this website.

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