Heart Healthy Foods

6 More Heart Healthy Foods 

Here are 6 more heart healthy foods that will keep you on the right track towards longevity.

  • Broccoli is one of those cruciferous vegetables.  This vegetable is a wise choice to help with the treatment of heart problems.  It is low in calories, fat, and sodium.  It is rich in protein, betacarotene, and calcium.  It contains vitamin C, and potassium.  

When we eat broccoli, it acts like a decongestant to the ever working heart, and the entire circulatory system.  It aids with the removal of liquids if there is too much backed up in the tissues.  

  • Peas are heart friendly.  They are perfect in protein, and rich in B vitamins.  Vitamins B2, B6, niacin, and folate, are essential for a strong heart.  

Peas also supply us with vitamin C.  This powerful antioxidant helps to keep the arteries healthy.  Peas are right on to help reduce cholesterol.  Now that is heart healthy!

Peas are excellent sources of betacarotene, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, and fiber.  These sources make them ideal healthy foods for the heart.  Peas have little or no salt, and fat - two ingredients we need to keep at bay.  Anyone who has suffered from heart failure, or has heart disease can make peas a regular part of the diet.

  • Chickpeas are the ultimate heart healthy food.  Can this be the perfect food for us modern people?  Certainly!  Chickpeas are almost a complete food.  

They are rich in nourishment, and balanced.  They provide lots of protein, and energy.

Chickpeas do not contain cholesterol.  Eating this legume may help reduce cholesterol.  They contain the mono and polyunsaturated fats.  These fats are vital to help lower blood cholesterol. 

Chickpeas are a rich source of fiber.  This fiber is essential, because it helps to block cholesterol from other foods in the intestines.  

If we add more chickpeas in the diet, the better the condition of the arteries.  Chickpeas may help to prevent hardening of the arteries, and heart attacks.

  • Squash is an exceptional supporter for healthy arteries, and the heart.  This food is heavily laden with beta-carotene.  Eating squash is appropriate for the heart.   This substance known as provitamin A, helps to protect the walls of the arteries.  No wonder this is a heart healthy food!

Is there a problem with coronary heart disease?  Putting squash in the diet on a regular basis is a superb choice!

Squash is rich in fiber, potassium, and calcium.  This food has a high  potassium content.  It is a low sodium food.   It is also low in fat.  

All of these substances may help with the prevention of hypertension.  

Squash may be eaten daily without salt.  This is a powerful treatment to ward off hypertension.

  • Yam is a nourishing tuber, another heart healthy food.  This food may help lower some fats deposited in the blood.  Yam has a steroid in it.   This steroid may help to break up  blood fats.  These fats are the main culprits that deny the artery walls of their elasticity.  They cause the arteries to get hard, and dangerous.

Yam has potassium.  It is low in fat, and these qualities make it an appropriate food for the arteries.

  • Rye has a remarkable impact on the arteries. It may help to keep the walls of the arteries supple.  Rye may help with the free movement of the blood.  The overall effects of rye are an improvement of blood circulation, and control of blood pressure.  Rye is indeed a heart healthy food!

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