Eating Healthy Food For The Liver

The liver is your biggest organ in the body. This organ is the body's filter.  It works to flush out toxic wastes from chemicals, pesticides and even medications.  When blood reaches the liver, it carries with it toxins and nutrients.  To keep healthy, the liver goes to work filtering all this waste, plus doing other functions. To avoid possible diseases of this organ, pay close attention to additives, labels, and nutrition when buying packaged foods.

Today growers provide us with many different varieties of fruits and vegetables. You have many options in growing your own, buying from stores, fresh markets, as well as several chain stores.
These are just a few rewards you can have from eating fruits. Fruits like the guava and kiwi are excellent sources of vitamin C and are healing to an infected liver.


Fruits are rich sources of anti-oxidant which help to promote the proper function of the liver. Anti-oxidants assist with the restoration of damaged liver cells. A daily consumption of fruit may also aid the decongestion process. A couple of benefits from certain fruits include:

  • Unclog a crammed liver
  • Helps with detoxification
  • May help with discharge of bile
These are just a few rewards you can have from eating fruits. Fruits like the guava and kiwi are excellent sources of vitamin C and are healing to an infected liver.

Vegetables play a major role in providing you with rich sources of potassium, plus other minerals. These nutrients may aid the recovery of an infected liver. You hear a lot today about eating so many helpings of vegetables a day. Why? They can help with the metabolism of this organ. This food group can also upclog, and be a part of the detoxification process. An example is radishes. This vegetable can perk up proper function of this body structure.

Eating healthy food for the liver allows you to have right kinds and amounts of carbohydrates that are rich in fiber. The fiber content of these foods help to ease constipation, and are necessary for this body unit to function well.

There are other ways to make sure this organ is functioning properly. A liver function test is one way to see if your organ is working as it should. This consists of blood tests to find out the level of your enzymes in the organ.

You also have the option of a cleansing diet for this most important internal organ. Now you might be thinking, "Does this mean I have to get up all the foods and drinks I love?" The answer is it depends on what your daily diet consists of. If you love coffee, soft drinks, or alcohol, your goal is to avoid these drinks for a few days while on the cleansing diet. One option you may want to consider is trying a pure liquid diet for a few days. Green tea, natural grapefruit and vegetable juices, and purified water. Start adding green leafy vegetables and other fruits and vegetables mentioned above.

Another option is the natural detox diet. This can be similar to the cleansing diet, but you can also add more foods. Exercising also cleans out the toxins in your body. The most important aspect of keeping this organ healthy is awareness of your daily diet - the right foods along with your conscious effort to keep within the portions of your own body weight.

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