Healthy Food For The Heart

10 Powerful Fruits For The Arteries and The Heart

The heart needs healthy food to supply important nutrients for it to work properly at all times.  Healthy food for the heart includes superfoods like fruits and vegetables.  These foods may be eaten whole, or some people may prefer getting the fresh juice from them.

Some super fruits for the heart are grapes, apricots and mangoes.  Nourishment from these  super fruits reaches the heart with the blood circulating through the arteries.

The heart also needs an ample supply of oxygen and a continual flow of blood through the arteries to function well.  If there is any obstruction in the artery, the flow of blood may be cut off.  This is dangerous for the heart and can cause a heart attack and maybe a cardiac arrest.  Blockage of the artery may be a result of cholesterol deposits.  This is the most common cause of blocked coronary arteries.

How can one prevent this problem?  Start here with healthy food for the heart.

Black and Red Grapes are healthy food for the heart.  These super fruits are rich in resveratrol.  This substance widens the coronary arteries.  It increases the fluidity of blood, so circulation is better.

When we eat grapes, we help to prevent the arteries from getting narrow, and hard.  Narrow, hard arteries will cause poor blood circulation. Eating grapes may help protect the heart.  We should aim to eat grapes at least three times per week.  This is an excellent way to help protect the heart.

Nourish the arteries!  

Keep the heart healthy!

Peaches, nectarines, and apricots are in the category of healthy food for the heart.

These are super fruits!

Eating peaches give a healthy dose of vitamins A, and C.  These super fruits also contain some B and E vitamins.  These vitamins help to keep the heart healthy.

They nourish the arteries and protect them from damage, so the flow of blood to the tissues and organs are better.

Peaches are an excellent source of potassium, and magnesium.  These minerals help to keep heartbeats sound.

Nectarines are similar to peaches.  They also belong to the "superfoods" family.  No wonder we call them healthy food!  However, nectarines may have more vitamins A, and E, but less vitamin C. They are extremely good substitutes for peaches.

If fresh peaches are not available, go ahead and utilize the canned ones.  These are better than none at all.

Apricots are healthy, humble supporters for the heart.  

 These pint-sized tarts are fiber packed.  They have excellent doses of beta-carotene.  Both fiber and beta-carotene are essential substances that help to reduce cholesterol.

Studies have shown the healthy effects of beta-carotene.  The results indicated positive effects.  Beta-carotene may help to prevent undesirable changes of the cholesterol found in blood.  These changes may cause damage to arteries.  This is indeed a set up for heart disease.  

Now this is where eating healthy food comes in for protection.

I enjoy the benefits of fresh apricot.  I add a few slices to a sorbet.  I toss them on plain, or vanilla yogurt.  I use them to make a delicious apricot jam, or just wash and eat them.  The nutritive value is just perfect!

The fresh fruit is hard to get at times.  Buying the dried ones are just as delicious.  I dice them and add to salads.  I stew and add them to cereals. I eat them straight from the bag.

I have apricots as a mid-morning, or afternoon snack.  I smother some apricot jam or nectar on a cracker or two, as well.

Protect the arteries!

Control cholesterol!

Mangoes are super fruits. They are also in the category of healthy food for the heart.

Eating these fleshy and juicy fruits may help to protect the arteries.  These luscious super fruits are excellent sources of vitamin A, even more than the superfoods - cantaloupe and the carrot.

Mangoes are also rich in vitamins C and E.  Eating mangoes may help to control the deposits of cholesterol on the walls of the arteries.

Mangoes are the absolute fruits to help with the circulatory system. These goodies should be included  in the diet particularly if one is experiencing poor circulation.

Is there a problem with hypertension?  Here is fantastic news!  An excellent fruit for the diet is the mango!  They may help with the control of high blood pressure!  These fruits are excellent sources of potassium.   They have remarkable low sodium.

Increase intake of fiber!

Improve blood circulation!

Reduce cholesterol!

Strawberries are super fruits.

They have powerful antioxidants.  They may help with the improvement of blood circulation.  These antioxidants have healthy effects.  They may help to reduce cholesterol in the liver.

We should eat strawberries regularly.  Their healthy effects include protecting the arteries.  In other words, they prevent them from getting hard and narrow.

Strawberries are rich in fiber.  These fruits are high in potassium.  This is an excellent mineral to help ward off hypertension.  They are low in fat and sodium.

Protective and healing!

Powerful blood cleanser!

Unblock arteries!

Grapefruit is also one of the healthy superfoods for the heart. 

It is a powerful blood cleanser. The fruit contains substances that may help to unblock the arteries.

Grapefruit contains flavonoids.  These substances help to improve the flow of blood in the arteries.  This fruit has healthy antioxidant effects.  These are protective, and they are healing.  They reduce the risk of artery damage.

Eating the whole fruit has significant health benefits because of the pulp which is the finest fiber.  Fiber protects against cholesterol deposits on the walls of arteries.  The risk for arteries to get hard and thick may be lowered.

Grapefruit loosens the flow of blood through the arteries.  It is effective against the development of blood clots.  Grapefruit contains vitamin C.  This is a superb substance for protecting the arteries.  It slashes cholesterol.  Grapefruit is rich in potassium.  It is low in fat and sodium.  These properties make this fruit a notable choice for the heart.

Don't like to eat the whole fruit?  Get the fresh juice!  It is also effective!

Therapeutic for the "tired heart" 

Custard apples may be called the 'heart sustainer' — another healthy food. 

These are delicious creamy fruits.  They are truly my favorite super fruits.

Is there a problem with heart failure?  Try and get this healthy fruit!  Custard apples are especially therapeutic for the 'tired heart.'  They provide energy for the heart's cells.

Custard apples are some of the finest fruits to get B vitamins.  Lack of B vitamins can narrow arteries. This can result in heart failure.

Custard apples also supply the body with potassium and calcium.

The sour sop and sweet sop belong to the same super fruits family as the custard apple.  These fruits are also beneficial for heart disease.

World's Healthiest Fast Food

Bananas!  Bananas - healthy food for the heart

Can these be categorized as the healthiest fast food?  Certainly!  Once they are ripe they are ready to be eaten.

Bananas are reputable sources of vitamins B, C, and E.  The B vitamins are particularly valuable.  They produce energy in the muscles of the heart.  This helps to prevent heart attacks.  So bananas are perfect for problems with cardiovascular disease!

Bananas are rich in potassium.  This mineral is richer in bananas than any other.  Some researchers have done studies on potassium.  They think that a rich super fruit like the banana may lower the possibility of hyper-tension.  This in turn, reduces the prospect of getting a stroke.

These researchers believe that 3 - 6 servings per day will work.  They think these servings may drastically reduce the use of medication.  They further suggested that  it can be fully eliminated.

Bananas are excellent sources of magnesium and iron.  They are superb superfoods to lower harmful cholesterol.

Avocado has excellent healthy effects on the heart.

It is rich in heart healthy nutritional fats.  Early studies have shown that eating this fruit may help to lower cholesterol in the blood.  The avocado is a remarkable fruit that may help with the treatment of circulatory problems.  It may help reduce damage to artery walls.

Avocado may also help to reduce the risk of hypertension.  This fruit is richer in vitamin E than any other fresh fruit.  This vitamin is a powerful anti-oxidant. It is excellent for protection against cancer and cell damage.


Maintain healthy arteries

Reduce cholesterol

Protect against hypertension

Guavas are fiber rich and are low sodium super fruits.

They are ideal to help maintain healthy arteries.  These fruits may help to reduce cholesterol.  They may also protect against hypertension.

Pears are an abundant source of fiber.  They have a high potassium content.  They are excellent fruits to help with the reduction of high blood pressure.

The more potassium in the diet, the lower the risk for developing high blood pressure.

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