Black Strap Molasses  

 Blackstrap molasses is a healthy diet tonic ready to energize the body.

It is one of those healthy fast food choices that will nourish and invigorate the body.

Blackstrap molasses may be your new vitalizer.  Have you ever gotten out of bed feeling brain-fagged and fatigued?  Did you wish you have a healthy diet fast food at your finger-tips?  A nutritious liquid is available to get you going.  Add lemon or lime juice for that zest and you have a strengthening energizer.

This healthy liquid diet is a by-product from the sugar-cane plant.  It is that thick, dark, naturally sweet stuff that may be used to add taste and nutrition to cookies and 'heavy cakes.'  I use it in peas, beans and stew dishes.  

Blackstrap molasses has been around for hundreds of years ….. ever since sugarcane plantations.  It was not for human consumption back in those earlier days.  Instead, it was food for livestock.

As researchers increase their interest about this easy healthy diet, their tests found it to be filled with nutrients and warranted human consumption. 

You see 'Blackstrap molasses' is not a refined product.  That makes it healthier than brown or white sugar.  It is a concentrated, nutritious 'goody.'  There are nutrients in this tonic to promote a healthy diet lifestyle.  What are these nutrients?  Most B complex vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, plus several essential trace minerals.  

This is a pure, no fat energy tonic with about 45 calories in a table spoon.

Healing Effects of Blackstrap Molasses

Have you ever heard the saying, "Prevention is better than having to cure?"  Taking a dose of Blackstrap molasses each day may help provide nutrients that will make up where there may be a deficiency.  One teaspoon or one tablespoonful every day may help to ward off several illnesses.  This wholesome liquid is cleansing and nourishing to the body.  

Healing for Anemia:  It may aid those who may be suffering from an iron deficiency.  A daily drink of this 'energy outburst' tonic may help to enrich the blood.  It may work more efficiently than iron tablets because it is a liquid.  Liquids absorb faster in the body than solids.  

Healing for Arthritis:  Would you like to flex those joints some more?  Natural relief may be in a bottle of Blackstrap molasses.  If you are suffering from stiff joints, a dose of Blackstrap molasses 3 times a day may give some relief.  Just 1 teaspoon in 8 - 10 ounces of warm water may help.

Healing for Constipation:  Relief may be in this easy liquid diet for you.  As you get out of bed in the mornings or just before every meal, you may take a dose of this healthy diet tonic.  (Read the article here on how fiber foods may also help to relieve constipation.)

Healing for Skin conditions:  Just 3 doses of Blackstrap molasses each day may have a positive effect on the skin.  Some people have gone a step further by soaking affected parts of the body like the hands in this super tonic.

Healing for Fatigue:  Would you like to take a break from drinking that coffee?  A dose of this healthy diet tonic 3 times a day may help with that 'pick me up' and go.  Remember the effect of the vitamin B complex will help to sustain the energy you need.

Healing for Hair and Nails:  Are your nails dry and brittle?  Are you suffering from premature greying of the hair?  Help is on the way with nutritious liquid diet.  Once you take this tonic consistently, your nails may regain firmness and your original hair color may be restored.

Healing for the Heart:  Blackstrap molasses may help to strengthen the muscles of the heart, so it is a good precautionary measure to help protect the heart.  This liquid is a potassium and magnesium rich tonic.  Remember not to discontinue taking your medications, just use as an added healthy diet tonic.

Healing for Menopause:  The high nutritive value of this healthy fast food tonic may help with the 'ups and downs' of changes in the body.  It will provide those nutrients to help restore insufficiency in the body.  If there is a shortage of potassium in the diet, there is enough in Blackstrap molasses to help nourish the nerves.  If there is a deficiency of iron, this tonic will help restore energy.  If there is a lack of calcium, there is enough to help strengthen the bones.

Healing in Pregnancy:  Would you like to give birth to a strong healthy baby?  Drinking this healthy diet tonic is ideal to help nourish a baby.  It has an abundance of vitamins and minerals that may support mother and the fetus.  You may take a dose twice daily, one in the morning and one at bedtime.    

Healing for Stress:  Are you physically and emotionally stressed from work and other situations?  Try taking this nutrient rich tonic for the nerves and notice a marked improvement .…… that is ……. stress reduction.  Does your child suffer from hyperactivity?  Try this tonic, but ensure your child does not consume refined products such as white sugar and other processed foods.

Note of Caution 

It is best to mix Blackstrap molasses with warm water as it dissolves easier.  Some people may want to take it straight from the bottle, but that is not the ideal.  If you do that, remember to follow up by drinking at least 8 ounces of warm water.  This will aid digestion of the molasses.

It will take some time to get use to the taste, so you may start off with one teaspoon, and continue to increase the dose as you acquire the taste.  You might want to add it to plain milk if you do not like the taste with water.  When taken with warm water, always add lime or lemon juice to taste, or a little orange juice will also do.  The vitamin C will help with the absorption of iron.

If you are diabetic, go easy on the doses each day and remember to consult your doctor before taking added doses.

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