Whole Foods For Vital Body Organs

Eating whole foods for vital body organs are medicinal to the entire body.  Several people now prefer to eat these foods because they believe that they are eating more earthly. 

Research has shown that the intake of processed foods increases the risk of hardened arteries; immune system may be weakened, plus other health risks.

On the other hand, eating these healthy foods offer superb health benefits!  They are more nutritious than processed foods. 

Many people when they hear the words, "whole foods" think of grains. Below is a list of a variety of foods you can eat daily.  Neither does it mean that foods have to be organic. 
It does not mean that farmers grow these foods without the use of pesticides.  Neither does it mean that one may only buy from the local farmer's market.

The concept is much wider than that.  It has to do with consuming healthy foods in beneficial way. Your body gets nutrients from these foods, rather than buying synthetic supplements. 

Eating these foods mean:

  • Consuming fruits and vegetables
  • Eating nuts and seeds
  • Consuming legumes like peas, beans, peanuts
  • Steaming fish with herbs and vegetables, rather than frying processed breaded fish sticks
  • Removing the skin and trimming fat from poultry before cooking 
  • Having a fresh salad topped with fresh lemon juice and olive oil
  • Eating a baked potato without butter or even sour cream
  • Adding fresh fruit slices or mixed berries to breakfast
  • Blending favorite fruits with plain yogurt for a "sumptuous" smoothie, rather than buying one made with artificial flavors and sugar coated fruits
  • Eating a slice of freshly made whole grain bread rather than some other sugar laden pastry
  • Eating whole grain cookies or crackers rather than those that are packed with sodium and sugar

What are the benefits of eating this cuisine for vital body organs?

  • Foremost is the protection from health risks!   
  • They are rich in anti-oxidants - vitamins and minerals.  Whole grains for example are excellent sources of vitamin E and selenium.  
  • Their richness in fiber may help lower cholesterol in the blood.
  • Whole grains do not contain cholesterol!  
Any way one looks at it, the overall effect is: Adding whole foods to the diet may help to maintain one's health and ward off diseases of vital body organs. Here are some other articles that may benefit you and your family.

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