Healthy Heart Diet Plan

Heart disease - a principal killer is enough to let anyone start a healthy diet plan for this vital organ.  This is one of the most sensible decision you can make.  Why? The good news though is that - "Foods have great healing power" for every organ of the body!  For a start, you may put in place a sensible heart diet to keep this vital organ healthy, or to help heal where things might have gone bad.  You may be thinking: "Healthy eating" is so hard; or "My life is so busy I do not have time to prepare healthy meals."  Help is right here!

The heart is a vital organ that works unceasingly.  It works without stopping from birth.  The heart never tires.  It goes on and on - throb, throb, throb!  What an incredible organ!  Is not this reason enough to take care of it? The heart receives blood and nutrients through the arteries.  We want this organ to work properly, so these substances must flow freely through the arteries.  Any obstruction causes problems. Blocked arteries may spark a heart failure or heart attack.  What is the obstacle?  The accumulation of cholesterol is the most common cause of this problem.  The heart needs oxygen and nutrients to function well.  How can we maintain this?  A continual supply is necessary!  For this reason, a heart healthy diet is important.

There are many foods that require little or no time to prepare, some are ready to eat.  Here are a couple of simple questions that you may have been thinking about. "Are foods healing to the body? Can I eat the right foods and feel better?"  The answers: "Yes and yes!"  Healing does take place with a balance of the right foods. You can feel better and live a happier life style.

Two of my extended family members experienced blocked or clogged artery.  They both had to undergo surgery.  Could this be prevented?  Sure, a healthy diet for the heart can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease! 

What are these family members doing now?  How are they supporting a more desirable lifestyle?
These family members started a health therapy for the heart.  They adjusted their eating habits completely.



They reduced the consumption of red meat, butter, cheese and ice cream. Key is to cut down on sugar and salt. They now avoid white bread, refined pasta, and coffee. They substitute saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats. They are now using grape seed oil and olive oil. Please note that there are other health smart oils that can be used. Sunflower, soy, and wheat germ oils are also good substitutes.

To maintain a healthy heart, their diet consists of the following: Five servings of fresh fruit daily - That is half a cup per serving. One fresh vegetable salad daily - They make a homemade dressing. This consists of olive oil, a dash of apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon juice. Three servings of legumes per week; One slice of whole grain bread per day, or other complete grain cereals; 5 whole walnuts, or 10 almonds daily.

Physical Activity: They do moderate aerobic activity for 30 minutes at least 5 days per>
Fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains give the best results for prevention against heart attack! What contributes to one's risk for diseases? Eating habits, little or no exercise, stress level, harmful substances that go into the body, and worrying.

The good news though is that one may help to control these factors by putting a healthy diet plan in place. With this plan in action, one may help to keep the organs and body systems in good working order! Your motto today begins with, Foods To Eat For A Healthy Life Style!

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