Healing Foods For The Intestine

Healing foods may help cure disorders of the intestine.  There are different symptoms that will let one know that there is a disorder.  One may experience cramps and pain in the abdomen.  One may suffer from constipation or diarrhea.  One may suffer from indigestion.  One may also suffer from bloating and gas.  Both fiber and water are important for the intestine to carry out its function effectively.  

Is there a problem with gluten?  These healing foods for the intestine may help.

Gluten is a plant protein found in whole grains like barley, wheat, rye, oats.  This stuff is in flour.  It is in bread.  It is in sauces and even in candies.  Some people may develop an illness from this stuff, so it is good to know gluten content.  Read those food labels.  People who cannot tolerate gluten may go for foods like:

…. Fruits - which are vitamin rich.  Apples and bananas are good. 

…. Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of beta-carotene and fiber.

      …. Rice is easy to tolerate by many people.

…. Oats have a little gluten, but is protective for the intestine and tolerated by many.

…. Corn does not have gluten, and many people may tolerate it.  Cornmeal is ideal!

…. Legumes are nutrient packed and are gluten free.

…. Buckwheat has little gluten.  It is extremely nourishing.

…. Tapioca, a flour made from the cassava plant is a rich fiber food and has no gluten.

…. Millet is a protein rich food.  It has little or no gluten, and many may tolerate it.

Is there an imbalance with good bacteria in the gut? 

This problem may be a result of infections in the intestine.  Another belief is that taking antibiotics may also cause the problem.  Healing foods that may help to rebalance good bacteria are:

…. Cabbage - all of them have substances that may have gentle antibiotics effect.  

…. Garlic has antibiotic effects!  It helps with the elimination of bacteria in the intestine.

…. Yogurt works powerfully to help restore and rebalance bacteria in the intestine.

…. Sprouts may also help to correct damaged bacterial flora.  

Is there a problem with constipation?  A hefty dose of healing foods for the intestine may give relief.

The main culprits causing this intestinal disorder may be a diet that is deficient in water and fiber.  To fix the problem, one may start to practice ways to avoid constipation, and needs to increase intake of:

…. Water - Aim for about 1.5 - 2.0 liters of pure water or liquid each day.  If one does not keep the body  hydrated, it will take water from where ever it can - even from the feces.  Now that is unhealthy!

…. Insoluble fiber does not supply nutrients to the blood, but it stays in the intestine where it  becomes feces.  If one's diet is insufficient in fiber, the stool gets very tough.  This causes constipation. 

…. Fruits - They contain water and lots of fiber!  These help feces to pass through the intestine freely.  Apples are desirable healing foods for both constipation and diarrhea.  Eating an apple or two before filling the stomach may help to control movement in the intestine.

Grapes are powerful healing foods for the intestine.  Eating grapes is two-fold.  They work against constipation, and they help to rebalance flora needed for proper digestion.  Eating grapes dried in the form of raisins is just as effective.

If fresh fruits are not available, go for the dried ones.  Go for prunes, figs, raisins, figs.  They have a forceful, laxative  effect in the intestine. 

…. Vegetables - They are fiber packed!  They help to soften feces and ease constipation.  The stems of rhubarb for "example" has a light laxative action.

…. Whole grains - They are rich in fiber.  Go for whole grain bread and whole grain cereals.  Top up consumption at breakfast by adding oat bran or wheat bran.

…. Powdered Flaxseed has soluble fiber and acts like a laxative.  Add it to cereals, yogurt, smoothies.

Is there a problem with hemorrhoids? 

Healing foods that may aid this problem:

…. Go for fiber!  Without a doubt, it offers relief.  Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes in the diet.

…. Strawberries are superb!  They are fiber packed and may help with decongested veins.  As a result, swelling may be reduced.  

One may "power boost" the diet with a "strawberry therapy."  This means putting about 2 pounds of strawberries in the diet each day for a period of 2 - 3 days.  This strawberry diet may bring remarkable relief from hemorrhoids.

Two pounds per day sound like a lot, but there are creative ways to consume strawberries.  Toss some in cereals.

Make a strawberry smoothie, or just enjoy them plain.

…. Bilberries may protect against inflammation.  They contain a substance called anthocyanin which helps to improve the flow of blood in the veins.  As a result of this, hemorrhoids may shrink!

…. Grapes have healing effects for hemorrhoids.  One may want to go on a "grape therapeutic treatment," as these fruits help to improve blood flow to the veins.  The treatment takes 2 - 3 days with one consuming about 2 pounds of grapes each day. 

Fiber packed Strawberries!

Relief for hemorrhoids!

Improve blood flow!

Healing for Hemorrhoids!